About Us

We’re here to help you find career happiness and success.

Company Overview

At PATH2, we’re passionate about helping you find career happiness and success. We were established in 2017 to fill a need for career guidance that’s reliable, trustworthy and usable. Our self-paced online program gives you the facts you need to determine a career you’ll be great at and enjoy.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Albert Schweitzer

Why Do We Care So Much?

Because work affects every area of life, from relationships to finances. When you are doing work you’re great at and enjoy, life is better.

Did You Know?

Changing jobs — and careers — may be a lot more common than you think. A long-term survey of almost 10,000 Americans found they changed jobs an average of 12+ times from age 18 to 52, or every 2.8 years.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019


Our History

While writing his book, Career Happiness and Success, PATH2 Founder and CEO Dr. Richard Ellison discovered a huge problem: Students were getting buried in college debt, taking 6+ years to get a “4-year degree” and then settling for a job they didn’t enjoy — which often didn’t require a degree in the first place.

He realized that choosing a career and college major before starting college could help solve these problems. So he began working with his grandchildren and their friends to determine their best career. That’s how they discovered the existing career tests and assessments were NOT helpful. Dr. Ellison decided to fill this gap in the college-prep market by creating a structured program that helps people learn about themselves and their career options so they can make smart decisions.

Shocked to find out that about 70% of all Americans are unhappy in their current job, Dr. Ellison also created a version of the PATH2 program to help people in career transition leverage their skills and experience and determine the best career for this stage of their life.

Our Leadership Team

Richard Ellison, PhD, P.E.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Ellison’s specialty has always been finding cost-effective solutions to complex problems. He created the PATH2 program and continues to develop new offerings. A self-made entrepreneur, Dr. Ellison worked full-time for 9 years of night-school to get his BS in Civil Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He then earned a fellowship to gain his PhD in 3 years of day school.

He began his career at the bottom — as a draftsman — and eventually worked his way up to CEO. As Founder/CEO of Environmental Solutions, his team managed the cleanup of some of the largest Superfund sites, as well as permitting and designing some of the nation’s largest landfills and gold mines. Dr. Ellison grew this startup to $35 million before selling to TRC Companies (NYSE: TRC). After the merger, Dr. Ellison led TRC, quadrupling revenues to $350 million.

He came out of retirement in 2017 to write the book Career Happiness and Success and to launch PATH2, and has become an avid blogger and contributor to Forbes.

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Dave DesRochers

Vice President

Dave thrives on connecting with people and finding ways to be of service. He leads the business development and sales teams at PATH2. He’s also an exceptional public speaker. He shares inspiring lessons from his own life — and from PATH2 — with students, veterans, community groups and business leaders.

Dave took a winding path to our organization: After lettering in football and basketball at San Diego State University, he played pro football for the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) and Montreal Machine (WLAF). Following a brief stint as an actor, Dave worked his way up from Junior Financial Advisor at Fidelity Federal Bank to Branch Vice President in just 4 years. He later founded and served as CEO of Fallbrook Investment Services, handling wealth management for individuals, businesses and pension funds.

Today, Dave serves on the boards of the California Council on Economic Education and Mission Sports. He’s also a Mentor for the Hispanic 100 and VP of the NFL Players Association, Orange County Chapter.

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Sue Elliott

Board Member

Sue is a visionary and strategist who focuses on helping people grow and thrive. She was instrumental in developing the direction of the PATH2 program from marketing strategy to securing additional, reliable data sources. She now acts as an advisor on the PATH2 Board.

Previously, Sue served as a Coach/Mentor for business owners and other coaches. She also enjoyed a 25+ year career as a Magazine Editor, specializing in creating brand-new publications for food & wine lovers, car enthusiasts and people seeking personal transformation.

Her marketing background includes selling consumer products into major retailers across the U.S. and making sure people actually bought those products once they were in stores. Sue also founded and later sold a boutique Public Relations agency, and she crafted the vision for the growth of PATH2. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University with a BA in English and is a member of the Conscious Leadership Guild.

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Alex Natelli

Senior Product Manager

Alex brings broad-market product leadership to PATH2. He has been in software product management since 2010 and built several cross-functional product teams. PATH2 represents an amazing opportunity to help people clarify their career options within the bounds of their own priorities and values.

Alex’s career has been driven by an underlying desire to elevate people's careers with genuinely useful SaaS platforms and mobile-web applications. His technology start-up experience has taught him to keep an eye on the market, while reconciling the needs and goals of customers, partners and internal teams.

Alex received a bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara, and a masters in information management, with distinction, from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He also serves as the Director of Community Relations for Orange County Product Managers. When he’s not making sense of the market-side and technology trade-offs, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, teaching self-defense and hanging out with his wife and family.

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Shannon Martinez

Senior Marketing Manager

Shannon is equal parts storyteller and strategist, and is at her best in the hub of communications. She leads PATH2 marketing and communications efforts.

She didn’t plan on a career in marketing, but after graduating with a degree in English Literature from University of Nebraska, Lincoln, she discovered her love for stories combined with a focus on genuinely connecting with people made effective marketing. As social media evolved, she seized the opportunity and established fledgling programs that changed the way big brands communicated with and supported their customers. With over two decades of experience leading content and product-focused marketing programs, she has helped to define and develop the stories and communications used by internationally-known brands like Shimano and CamelBak.

Shannon is a dedicated volunteer. She serves as the Marketing Chair for the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Walk to End Alzheimer’s and is on the Laguna Beach CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Board.

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