PATH2 for Career Transition

Discover a new career you'll be great at and enjoy — with excellent job opportunities.

Most People Think They Can’t Afford to Start Over

Fortunately, you don’t have to! We’ll help you leverage your current skills and experience, so starting fresh doesn’t mean starting at the bottom.

The PATH2 Program Guides You To:


Discover careers that are in demand and pay well.


Learn which careers match your Skills & Experience.


Determine the best career for this stage of your life.

PATH2 Helps When You’re:

  • Considering a career change
  • Returning to the workforce
  • A veteran transitioning from the military into a civilian career
  • A professional athlete transitioning into the workforce
  • A retiree looking for a new challenge
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Did You Know?

You may already have the skills employers want most. 

The most sought-after skills include collaboration, adaptability, emotional intelligence, sales, persuasion, creativity, video production and analytical reasoning.

Source: 2020 Data Analysis, LinkedIn


The PATH2 Program

Learn more about yourself and discover all kinds of careers you might enjoy.
We’ll guide you through a process that makes it easy to move forward in a new, best direction. When finished, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to validate that you will excel at—and be highly motivated—in your two best careers.

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Determine a New Career You’ll Love and Be Great at!