PATH2 Student Program

Make the most of your college experience.
Set yourself up for more success and less debt.

Most People “Do College” Backwards

First they choose a college. Then they choose a major.

Finally, as graduation approaches, they try to choose a career…
or they settle for any job they can get.

We Help You Reverse That Order


You determine your best career.


Choose the best major to launch into that career.


Save time and stress ... and reduce student debt!

The PATH2 Program Helps You:

  • Enjoy classes and get better grades because you're interested in what you're studying
  • Graduate in 4 years or less
  • Get internships and work experience critical to being hired into a good organization on graduation day
  • Get a great job in a career you’re passionate about

Begin with the end in mind.

Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Habit No. 2)
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Did You Know?


Most college students change their major 1, 2 or even 3 times. It now takes an average of 6+ years to get a “4-year degree”!

Source: National Center for Education Statistics


Even more concerning, 6-year graduates are a high proportion of the 40% (about 800,000) of graduates each year who are underemployed or cannot get a job requiring a degree. Instead, they often get jobs as a server, fitness instructor, mail clerk, etc.

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Choose a college major and the best career for you at the same time with PATH2. Graduation ceremony with confetti and streamers.

How Does It Work?

In 4 virtual sessions, you’ll match your unique characteristics with the characteristics of good career options, so you can make great life choices. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion to validate that you will excel at—and be highly motivated—in your field of study and your two best careers.

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