Did You Know?

Students who are interested in what they’re studying are not only more likely to go to class, they also learn more and get better grades.

Source: “Interest Matters: The Importance of Promoting Interest in Education,” 2016


Understand Yourself More

See how your Aptitudes, Traits, Personality, Interests and Preferences match up with different careers.
Image shows actual user's results. Your results will be unique to you.

Explore Possibilities

Discover careers with High Growth potential, including things you didn’t realize you could get paid a good salary to do.

Evaluate Careers

Learn how much education you’ll need, how much different jobs pay and more.

Determine the Best Career and Major for You

Make great decisions based on solid information. And select a major that will prepare you for the career you choose.

Get the Most Out of the Experience

Give yourself time to make thoughtful decisions. Each of the 4 modules takes ½ hour to 2½ hours to complete.  You can go at your own pace, but we suggest that to give yourself time to make thoughtful decisions, you complete one module each day. After all, you’re making important choices that will help you create a lifetime of happiness and success.


After completing the PATH2 program, you'll receive a certificate to download. Your Certificate is designed to be shared with counselors, coaches and career advisors, as well as family and friends.

It's also valuable during the hiring process for jobs and internships, since this Certificate serves as validation that you will excel at and be highly motivated in these Careers.



Determine Your Career and Major Purchase

We Put You in Control

Other programs and people may try to tell you what to do. PATH2 is different.
We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, we provide the information you need, so you can determine the way that’s best for you.


Determine a Career You’ll Love and Be Great at!