Dramatically Different

The PATH2 program guides you through an empowering, transparent process so you can
make good life choices.

This Is NOT a Test!

You’ve probably taken a career assessment … and been frustrated or confused by the results. Most career tests ask you a bunch of questions. Then some “mystery algorithm” tells you 10, 20 or even 100+ careers that are supposed to be “right for you.”

You’re left asking why — and how am I supposed to choose the best one?

That’s Why We Built Something Completely Different


With PATH2, first you’ll explore unique aspects of you.


Then you’ll consider unique aspects of different careers.


So you can determine the perfect-fit career for you!

Unique Aspects of You

The PATH2 program is totally unique, like you. It’s the only career-guidance program that helps you evaluate careers based on 5 important aspects of you:

Aptitudes: Do you have what it takes to become great at a particular career?

Personality: Are you spontaneous, reliable, imaginative, outgoing?

Interests: Do you enjoy building things, helping people, negotiating?

Preferences: Would you rather work alone or with a team, indoors or outside?

Traits: Do you tend to focus on the big picture or the details? Do you love change or consistency?

Unique Aspects of Careers

We help you determine which one of the 1,000+ careers in the U.S. is uniquely right for you based on:

Skills you’ll need, like active listening or persuading

Tasks, like testing water samples, hiring people or writing code

Education requirements, so you’ll know if you need a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctorate

Salary levels, so you can decide if this career has the earning potential you want

Growth outlook, so you’ll know if there will be lots of job opportunities

The PATH2 Difference

PATH2 will help you explore:

  1. What you LOVE.
  2. What you’re GOOD AT.
  3. What PAYS WELL.
  4. What the world NEEDS
    meaning lots of job openings and opportunities for growth!
Determine Your Best Career Purchase


Thriving is good for your health. People who are thriving — at work and in life — take fewer sick days. They also have lower rates of depression, anxiety, diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Source: Gallup, 2019


I had volunteered at a family service center for many years. However, until PATH2, I didn’t know this was a career I could actually do. Based on the program, I found that becoming a social worker will make me both happy and successful.”

Miranda , is becoming a licensed social worker

Transparent and Trustworthy

Our founder got so frustrated by “career tests” — and their inconsistent, incomprehensible results — that he decided to create PATH2. Unlike those random “career assessments”… when you finish the PATH2 program, you’ll know exactly why your No. 1 Career is the best fit for you.


Determine a Career You’ll Love and Be Great at!